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A youthful woman who has the appearance of a 20 year old. She has crimson reddish-pinkish eyes with white pupils, very long crimson with a tint of pink hair, and ruby red lips. She has a natural mysterious, cold, but most sexy look, with her voluptuous size G cup chest, sexy hourglass body, and sultry seductive eyes and full lips. In her teenage years, she used to wear tomboy-ish badass clothing such as a cropped tank top that showed only a little bit of her stomach, with a fishnet t-shirt, a red short sleeved jacket, ninja black shoes, and her red leather clothes. She wears her hair usually out or sometimes puts up in a ponytail, also being as though she has a lot of hair it covers the right of her face giving her a sexy but mysterious look. Now, she wears her goddess-like dresses or whatever she thinks good or badass. She is slightly taller than other women her age, and her calm more mature face and body type makes her look older than she already is, so she often mistaken as a grown woman. Li-mei is quite mature for her age, and ironically gets into stupid fights but she doesn't fight back being as though it's a waste of time, and just walks away. She has a naturally goddess-like seductive voice and mannerisms, and isn't aware what it could do to people, to her its normal. But she can sound very serious and wise when she needs to be.

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Red Rose Right : Bullets by AngelicHellraiserPersonalityRed Rose Right : Bullets by AngelicHellraiser

She has somewhat of an "Kuudere" personality. In all actually she is tough, strong, level-headed, and smart. She rarely shows much a soft side if she doesn't know you. It may seem like shes is harsh at a glace, but she is just unconcerned about you or doesn't pay much attention to you at all, unless you speak to her and if things are good she'll open up and express her much, cooler, charamastic, bubbly, kind, and caring nature. She is not a nervous or timid person really, she likes to focus on getting stronger and training, and often helps people in need. She can be quite motherly but shes doesn't show that much (it makes her embarrassed 'cuz people comment "you'll make a fine mother one day"). She also shows much leadership and bravery openly. She is often helpful in the need of others who are hurt and in trouble. She is kinda rebellious because despite the fact is a goddess she does not wanna be like other gods she wants to be unique. She loves to be among humans, they are quite fascinating so she lives among them. ...She loves spicy foods, tomatoes, cherries, raspberries, apples, and onigiri. And the scent of cherry flavored bubblegum lingers on her. She doesn't wear much makeup being as though she is naturally beautiful, and must keep her strong appearance. Being influenced by human female herself, she has taken a liking to human things, like clothes and fashion.


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to be perfect..."

Li-mei Xiou is a crossingworlding goddess from the Second Universe or a.k.a Infiverse. Who can travel to any universe she pleases, however once teleporting she must wait up to 24 to 72 hrs in order to teleport to another world depending on how much power she has used. Despite having such a young appearance, she is shes really a billion years old and lives under her human alias. Her real name is, Lady Alteria and her curent location... She doesn't really have one being though she travels to new places. Often exploring and assisting in any help that is needed.

| Headcannons|

| Relations|

| Li'mei's Story |

| Powers and abilities[It's really MANDATORY you read this]|

"Ah, these universes, these dimensions, these worlds are like endless treasures to me. So adventous and exciting."

{Oh yes I multiship now guys😍😍 }

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